Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Might try this one

Powerful stuff

Oh Chuck....

This guy always makes me laugh

A little crazy though maybe...

This officer needs to learn the law!!!

How can you punish someone with a smile like that

Speaks for itself!

Very cool


A young Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Crazy how much people can change

What are you doing, dog?

Just.... yeah...

Unbelievably creepy movie...

I defy anyone to watch this entire movie.... It will be hard! Not only because its creepy as fuck, but also because it looks pretty boring.


See the full movie on youtube here:

It was a matter of time

Lindsay Lohan is posing nude for Playboy....

I guess she is running out of money or something... I can't believe she is only 25.


Ahh, civilization.

I reckon this is what English sounds like to people who don't speak it.

Worth the watch

This is ridiculously cool

Go ahead, try not to laugh.

If you don't laugh at this video, you have no soul. Simple as that.

Whoever made this ad needs a promotion

Well it's true....

Great response

If you have Facebook, try this.


Try it! Go on.

It's safe.... but it is also creepy.


I would probably be the same...


This might be a tiny bit bias...

Very interesting. African dude runs for 4 hours.

But Luke, there's no way a person could run for that long!

SHUT UP AND WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO :). This guy chases an animal for a loooong time. Crazy life they live.